Matcha- Pack a Punch

Straight from the 12th century Tea ceremonies of Japan comes the latest flavor Matcha tea . Filled with antioxidants and multiple health benefits thus the most trending green tea. This is unique to Southern areas of Japan. We can get many different varieties of green tea from all parts of the world. All come with loads of benefit.

The process of growing this leaf is strenuous so it is priced a little higher than many teas. The best Matcha tea comes from the south of Japan. The process of mixing with hot water is inspired by the Chinese.These plants are grown beside Yahagi river which is believed to be best suited for this plant. The cultivation and growing these plants are also very unique and it is done by the farmers in a very traditional way. the use of modern-day methods isnil.These tea plants are covered before harvest to retain and give more green color to the leaves.

This increases an amino acid content in these leaves, which is what relaxes and stimulates. These are then dried and powdered to be storedfor consumption. There are various types of Matcha tea too. It also different grades depending upon its usage. For drinking, you need the extra fine and smooth variety. Similarly, for using it as an ingredient it is a little coarsely ground.

Benefits of Matcha
The benefits of Matcha comes from the fact that, when drinking Matcha we are actually consuming the whole leaf. Usually, when we prepare the other green teas the tea is boiled and strained, then the used tea leaves are discarded. This process causes the maximum benefits to go waste. But with the preparation of  Matchatea, we powder mix and consume the tea leaves itself. This what makes Matchais different and more nutrient packed. These are some of the advantages of the tea.



Weight loss

Increase immunity



Compared to normal green tea this is more useful. Its taste and flavor are also are a result of being stone ground. This enhances the earthiness of this drink The best part of this is it helps in burning out calories in our body. As compared to the normal green tea and others in the market Matcha tea assists in more weight loss. Because of its unique flavor,it is also used in some drinks, cakes and otherdesserts too. Thetea also gives great clarity in thought and mind. It is believed that in early days monks used to drink this tea for peace of mind and yet stay alert. Boosts energy levels too. It can be taken anytime during the day.


Apart from the green coloration which is a high dose of chlorophyll found in plants is a great detox agent. It helps in eradicating the harmful chemicals in the body thus keeping you fitter.
It also has many more minerals and nutrients which almost makes it a health drink.


As it is in powder form it just needs to be mixed with hot water. We need to sieve the powder first to be able to help it dissolve completely. Usually, the proportion is one spoon of matcha to six spoons of water. The powder needs to be dissolved or mixed completely to a paste before adding more water.

Then thequantity of water depends on your taste. One can try different ways of making it. But the hot water combination is the best way to make it. Making Matcha is like a ritual in Japan as it originated there. But we haven't seen the preparation and neither accustomed to its taste. Thus for all first timers, it can come as a surprise and may need a little getting used to as it has a very distinctive flavor.

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